Badarayana — Bandha

(Vedavyasa, Vyasadeva or Krishna-Dvaipayana) is an ancient Indian philosopher, one of the founders of the Vedanta teaching, and also the author of the Vedanta-sutra tract.

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बद्ध, baddha

«bound; constrained»

«Bounded» is every mortal who has not yet attained spiritual liberation (moksha).


A sacred Hindu city in the Chamoli district in Uttarakhand, India

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Bagala, Bagalamukhi is a Tantric Goddess who helps to paralyze the enemy and destroy all magical influences.  → Подробнее...
External (bahir) kumbhaka is holding the breath after exhale while air and prana remain «outside». Bahir-kumbhaka is related with emptiness, with a principle of voidness and, consequently, dissolution of prana and mind. This kumbhaka prepares the practitioner for meditation, making the mind calm and the consciousness empty and perceptive. Bahir-kumbhaka is often used in combination with three bandhas: mula-bandha, jalandhara-bandha, and uddiyana-bandha.  → Подробнее...
external nyasa, part of the tantric ritual in which the practitioner touches the fingers or hands formed in the mudra to different parts of the body  → Подробнее...
Bala Bala

Goddess Bala Sundari. The word “bal” means youth, in another meaning- eternal youth and immortality.

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«place of offer» in the form of a small elevation in the form of an inverted lotus in the traditional agamic church. Here the parishioner must leave all his negative thoughts before entering inside.

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"energy lock", carried out by compressing certain muscle groups

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