Sadashiva — Saguna Brahman


the epithet of Shiva, meaning - Eternally good, Favorable

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third stage in the process of cosmic evolution according to the theory of Kashmiri Shaivism

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Sadguru is a true spiritual teacher who leads the disciple to samadhi and spiritual liberation.  → Подробнее...

"a disciple", "a practitioner" 

The one who performs sadhana. A person who is seriously striving for self-realization and comprehending spiritual disciplines; usually receiving guidance for action from his Guru.

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A means to an aim; pursuit of a spiritual goal, independent efforts, spiritual practice; religious or spiritual disciplines such as puja, yoga, meditation, japa, asceticism.  → Подробнее...

"a wandering ascetic", "a renounced hermit", "a yogi"

A person who no longer aspires to the realization of the three goals of life: kama (sense gratification), artha (material development), and dharma (duty). The sadhu takes a vow of renunciation of family life and possession of any property other than the minimum necessary for sadhana, and fully devotes himself to achieving moksha through meditation and cognition of God.


The purpose of yoga practice, sadhana; achievement, perfection.

It can be either one of the Deities, or the achievement of a complete yogic state, or a combination of different goals.

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Sadyojata is Shiva’s creative power, His western face, through which He creates the world as Brahma and the Earth appeared from Him. This face is associated with the syllable "na" in the Panchakshara-mantra, it is moon-colored.

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possessing qualities

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Saguna Brahman Saguna Brahman

Supreme Absolute possessing qualities

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