सदाशिव, sadāśiva

sadā — "always", shiva — "a blessed, benevolent, gracious"

The third stage in the process of cosmic evolution according to the theory of Kashmiri Shaivism.

This stage is also called Sadakhya-tattva, a state in which the first movement of being is observed.

In every manifestation, there must be a first step forward. Sadashiva-tattva is the first emanation of consciousness in a universal manifestation. Here the unmanifested Universe is manifested as the consciousness of "I am This", where "I" is the unmanifested Universe. At this stage, the "I" is predominant. The subject begins to recognize himself in relation to his object. The manifested experience is subjective.

This category corresponds to the energy of Will — Iccha-shakti, the power of the will of consciousness. This is the state that precedes any action. Like the produced tattva, it is destructible and, therefore, not eternal. As the first emanation produced in the process of the evolution of consciousness, it is the last to dissolve in the process of the involution of consciousness under pralaya.