Madhu — Man-panth


demon killed by Vishnu; together with his twin brother, Kaitabha personifies mental vices

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famous Hindu philosopher, Vaishnavist, creator and preacher of the dvaita-vedanta

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middle lakshya: objects or areas for concentration that are not only inside or outside a person but permeate the inner and outer space simultaneously

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Madhyama vac (vach)

type of speech in the process of the manifestation of Shabda-Brahman, the boundary between area of audible and inaudible

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great akasha, in essence it is the light or fire of consciousness, which absorbs all objects of the world and from which all objects appear  → Подробнее...

Оne of the three mudras designed to awaken Kundalini and the development of siddhas. Maha-mudra works with the spine (sushumna), activates pranas of the whole body, and prepares channels for the further direction of prana through the body.

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a great dimension, a general image of all psychophysical states  → Подробнее...

According to Kashmir Shivaism there are three types of Atman contamination (limitations): anava-mala, karma-mala and maya-mala.

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Man-panth Man-panth

One of Shiva's panths.

Alternative names: «mannaths», «manonaths». (Also could be «kanthari», «kantharanaths»). 
The main math is situated in the village Tain (the north part of the state Rajasthan, Shekhawati region).

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