Laghima — Laukika


Ability to become almost weightless, more lightweight than the lightest element and to make any object as lightweight as possible. One of the eight perfections (ashta-siddhis).

the Indian measure of the calculus equals 100 000  → Подробнее...
The Tantric Goddess, Yogini, responsible for muscles, flesh (mamsa), and controlling manipura-chakra. She belongs to the Yogini group, which embodies the forces associated, on one hand, with the physical substances in the body (dhatu), and, on the other hand, with the subtle level of the chakras. In addition to Lakini, the group includes Dakini, Rakini, Kakini, Shakini, Hakini and sometimes Yakini.  → Подробнее...

"good fortune", "wealth", "prosperity". The Goddess of happiness, beauty, and wealth, the consort of Vishnu. 

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the object for meditation, to which the practitioner's attention is directed  → Подробнее...

sadguru born about year 200, reformer of the ancient Shivaite line Pashupata

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Lalita Lalita

“she who plays”, “playing”

One of the names of the Mother-Goddess, especially in the Tripurasundari aspect.

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The loincloth of a yogin or ascetic (kaupina). It is associated with the observance of brahmacharya, the control of the senses and instincts. 

The langot is not just a piece of clothing, it is a particular kind of energy, Shakti, that sadhaka places on the genital area to sublimate sexual energy and raise it upwards along the sushumna. In the Nath_Tradition, Langot Guru teaches the use of the langot, and explains how to transform sexual energy into spiritual energy.

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Langot diksha
Langot diksha is given by the Langot Guru, who teaches the use of this special loincloth. This initiation gives knowledge about the control of sexual energy.  → Подробнее...

"mundane”. This term often refers to an inferior form of practices that pursue only worldly results and goals, therefore incapable of leading to the ultimate realization of Truth.

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