ब्रह्मन्, brahman

1. Awe, world soul, God-Creator;

He has no end, no beginning, because He is himself the beginning and the end of everything. Despite the fact that he is manifested in the deities of Trimurti, He is beyond everything, deprived of the image, unborn, infinite, non-manifested;

Creator of the universe (Brahma).

2. Highest varna in Indian society. The brahmanas (brahmins), along with the kshatriyas and vaishyas, are also known as double-born, because at a young age they go through the Upanayana rite, which symbolizes the rebirth. But of these varnas, only brahmins have the right to teach the Vedas, conduct basic sanskaras and rituals in Hinduism. This is the varna of temple workers, scholars, scribes, officials, teachers.