Jala-neti जल-नेती, jala-netī

the nasopharynx purification with water

Jala-neti helps to remove excess mucus from the entire body, starting with the nostrils and sinuses, which often serve as a gate to keep mucus in the body. Using this method sets in motion the entire physical process to remove mucus, allowing air and energy to path throughout the circulatory and nervous systems, which in turn will positively affect digestion and other body systems. For a person suffering from excess mucus or phlegm accumulation, jala-neti is an important helper in improving health.

To perform jala-neti, it is necessary to have a special vessel for water – neti-pot.

The solution for jala-neti usually consists of warm water with a small amount of salt dissolved in it. Warm water is a sedative for mucous membranes. Although the water for jala-neti should be warm, but not hot, to avoid causing irritation. First you can check the water temperature with your finger, but it's worth remembering that the nasal mucosa is more sensitive than fingers.

Chlorine used in tap water can have an irritating effect. Therefore, many people prefer to use filtered or bottled water for neti-pot.

Cool water can also be used for neti-pot from time to time, especially during inflammation. Warmer water can be used to treat headaches or blockage of sinuses, as it is the best way to open sinuses, but this must be done carefully so as not to burn the mucous membranes.

Beginners should use water with a temperature slightly above room temp.

Performance technique:

Dissolve 10 grams of salt in one liter of warm water and pour it into a net-pot. Place the spout of the vessel in the right nostril, tilting your head to the side – so that the left nostril is lower. Open your mouth and breathe through it. Water will start pouring out of the left nostril.

Perform the same action with the other nostril.

If there is no sputum, neti can be performed without salt with cold water. Those who have a cough and a cold should perform neti only with warm salt water.

Neti cures colds and rhinorrhea. 

Some people catch a cold while performing neti, so after neti you need to perform kapalabhati so that all the water comes out of the nose and the person does not catch a cold.