भक्तियोग, bhaktiyoga

Spiritual practice of devotional service to God (Absolute, Paramatma)  in order to awaken love for Him in the heart and open oneself for His mercy.

In Nath Tradition, bhakti-yoga is divided into two levels: saguna-bhakti and nirguna-bhakti (which, in turn, are divided into separate stages). Such division corresponds to the two categories of Absolute, mentioned in Vedas: Absolut as the transcendental Brahman, or Nirguna Brahman, and Absolut as Saguna, or Purusha. Saguna-bhakti reflects to a greater extent the views of dvaita, nirguna-bhakti – of advaita. Both of these types of bhakti-yoga are necessary and interrelated, they feed and strengthen each other.

Ideally, bhakti, if it is fully realized as a state, gradually spreads over the entire life of a yogi. He begins to be able to see the divine in everything, not conceptually, this reveals his purity of consciousness associated with bhakti.