Brihaspati बृहस्पति, bṛhaspati

from Sanskrit "Brahmanaspati" – "Lord of the brahmins"

Guru or Jupiter, one of the Navagraha: the strongest naturally beneficial planet, sattvic in character. Brihaspati is Guru of Devas (deities), the deity of prayers and sacrifices in Vedism, 11 hymns of Rig Veda are dedicated to him.

Brihaspati is responsible for morality and ethics, dharma, ideology and religion (in particular for its ritual, ceremonial side), philosophy, wisdom, enlightment (in the broad sense of the word), justice, charity, money, prosperity, luck, optimism, expansion, extension. Jupiter is karaka (signifier) of ecclesiastic teacher, children and husband (rather in traditional societies, where the choice of partner is regulated by various rules, and marriage is concluded with parents’ consent and benediction, sanctified by religious rites.

  • on a physical level Jupiter is related to fat, immune system, liver, and can cause development of benign tumors;
  • Zodiac signs: Sagittarius, Pisces;
  • Weekday: Thursday (guruvar);
  • Number: 3;
  • Color: yellow (saffron) or golden.
  • Gemstone: yellow sapphire (yellow topaz, citrine or yellow zircon weighing from 5 carats can be used as substitute).
  • Metal: gold.

The Legend of Brihaspati's reincarnation


One day, Shukracharya, personification of planet Venus and Guru of Asuras, retired to the Himalayas to perform austerity in the name of Shiva, so that he could discover a way to destroy Devas. Indra, on the other hand, sent his daughter Jayanti to trick Shukracharya and find out this secret. Jayanti became his disciple and servant and lived with Shukracharya for many years until she learned the necessary spells.

Having seen that Shukracharya was about to return to Asuras, Jayanti asked him to take her as a wife. After so many years of living together, he couldn't resist her plea. Shukracharya agreed to become Jayanti's husband for ten years and announced that before expiration of this period, both of them would be invisible to the world.

Brihaspati decided to use this. He took shape of Shukracharya and set off to Asuras who greeted him with sincere delight, believing that Shukracharya had returned after a difficult ordeal. For ten years, Brihaspati was teacher and mentor of Asuras and eradicated hatred and hostility in them.

Upon the end of these ten years, Shukracharya left Jayanti and returned home. Seeing the two Shukracharyas, Asuras were stunned. In confusion, they proclaimed the true one who had been their teacher for ten years. The genuine one, appalled by their ingratitude, came into wrath and cursed, predicting close death. Soon afterwards, Brihaspati took his real appearance and returned to heaven. Asuras, left as sheep without a shepherd, went to Shukracharya and began to beg for forgiveness. Eventually he relented and became their teacher again. However, his curse had an effect, and for many centuries Asuras remained powerless before the devas.

Guru Mantras

Vaidika mantra

om bṛhaspate'atiyadarye'arhādyumādvibhātikratumajjaneṣu
yaddīdayacchavasa'tṛa - prajāta tadasmāsu draviṇandhehi cittam |

Tantric mantras

1. om aiṁ krīṁ bṛhaspataye namaḥ |
2. om grāṁ grīṁ grauṁ saḥ gurave namaḥ |
3. om śrīṁ śrīṁ gurave namaḥ |

Nama mantra

om bṛṁ bṛhaspataye namaḥ |

Puranic mantra

om devānāṁ ca ṛṣiṇāṁ ca guruṁ kāñcanasannibham |
buddhibhūtaṁ trilokeśaṁ taṁ namāmi bṛhaspatim ||

Number of mantra repetition: 19,000 times.