दीक्षागुरु, dīkṣāguru

The Guru who transmits diksha (dedication) and appropriate guidance on practice and lifestyle. Usually, diksha means the transmission of mantra, so Diksha-Guru explains all details of practice of this mantra, the sadhaka keeps in constant contact with him and honors him in his sadhana. It is believed that the Guru who transmitted the mantra, the mantra itself and the deity of the mantra are the whole one.

In Natha Sampradaya, diksha is not always associated with the transmission of a mantra, so the term Diksha-Guru can generally be applied to any teacher who transmits a particular yogic dedication. However, for all categories of dedications, Naths have special names for Gurus:

Also, in the life of a practitioner, there may be Teachers who do not give him any initiations, but share their experience, give valuable instructions on practice. Such Teachers are called Shiksha-Gurus or Upadesha-Gurus (not to be confused with Nathas’ Upadesha-Guru).