Bodjanga (from Pali enlightenment factors) - seven factors in the Pali Canon that a practitioner must develop in order to achieve enlightenment. It is noted that, having developed one, it generates, as in the chain, the following. The factors are as follows:

  1. Awareness (sati) - this includes the practice of satipatthana.

  2. Study of the Dhamma (dhamma vichaya) - a study of both the teachings of Buddha (Pali: “Dhamma”, Sanskrit: “Dharma”), and the phenomena of the world (Pali: “Dharmas”, Sanskrit: “Dharmas”).

  3. Diligence (viriya) - is described as a mental quality that arises in mind as a result of an interest in study of previous phenomenon.

  4. Delight (piti) - arises due to the preoccupation with the process of research and the elimination for the time of five disturbances of the mind.

  5. Serenity (passaddhi) - the ease that is felt when the mind is saturated with delight and as a result calms down.

  6. Concentration (samadhi) - as a result of calming the mind becomes focused.

  7. Equanimity (upekkha) - the result of concentration of the mind and lack of clinging to emerging phenomena.