Nath — Nidhi

the name of Shiva, the lord; a title added to the name of a person belonging to the Natha-sampradaya  → Подробнее...
Nath Sampradaya Nath Sampradaya
Nath Sampradaya, yoga sampradaya, the order of kanphata yogis. A spiritual school founded by Guru Gorakshanath. 
The most ancient yoga tradition, originated from tantra during the times of Maha-Yogi Gorakshanath: Pashupat, Shaiva-siddhanta, Kapalika, Kalamukhi and from earlier systems. These systems originated from vedic sources such as: four Vedic samhitas, Brahmanas, Aranyakas, Upanishads.

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Yoga coming from the Nathas – adepts of the yogic order founded by Gorakshanath.  → Подробнее...
Yogic kriya, intended to cleanse the abdomen by contraction of its muscles. Nauli increases the alimentary fire, eliminates digestive disorders, and harmonizes doshas.  → Подробнее...

Nine Natha Yogis, who, next after Gorakshanath, are especially revered in the Natha-sampradaya

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designation of a group of nine grahas in traditional Indian astrology (jyotish) and Hinduism.
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Navaratri Navaratri
Navaratri (sanskr. नवरात्रि, lit. meaning "nine nights") is one of the most important holidays for shaktists and hindu in general. The holiday lasts 9 days and nights. Nights are especially important as according to the tantra it is the best time for worshipping the Goddess. First 3 days and nights of Navaratri focuse on aspects of the goddess Kali, second on the goddess Lakshmi and the last three on the goddess Sarasvati.  → Подробнее...

"nasal purification"

One of the yogic shat-karmas intended to purify the organism.

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Neti-pot Neti-pot

A small water vessel, specially invented to clean nasal passages (neti).

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Nidhi Nidhi

“store”, “hoard”, “treasure”

Nidhi most often translated as a treasure, but there are also other meanings:

  • a vessel (reservoir) 
  • a barn as a storage area; 
  • an ocean 
  • chronology (as the science of time, history); 
  • one of Vishnu’s names; 
  • a person endowed with many positive qualities.
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