याकिणी, yākiṇī, also याकिनी, yākinī or यक्षिणी, yakṣiṇī

Yakini (Yakshini) – Tantric Goddess, Yoginī, responsible for the seed (shukra), and controlling sahasrara-chakra (Brahmarandhra). She belongs to the Yogini group, which embodies the forces associated, on one hand, with the physical substances of the body (dhatu), and on the other hand, with the subtle level of chakras. In addition to Yākiṇī, the group includes ḌākinīRākiṇīLākiṇī, KākiṇīŚākiṇī and Hākiṇī

It must be said that not all texts consider 7 Yoginis,  because often the emphasis is on 6 chakras, then Yakini is absent from the list. For example, "Rudra-yamala", "Shatchakra-nirupana", "Tantra-raja-tantra" do not describe this Goddess.

"Matsyendra Samhita" and some texts of Shrividya tradition place Yakini in sahasrara-chakra. Together with other chakra goddesses, it forms the subtle body of Kundalini Shakti (Goddess Lalita) and is evered in shodha-nyasas. In "Lalita Sahasranama", several names of the goddess Lalita Tripurasundari refer to Yakini:

In sahasrara (sahasradalapadmasthā-528) she resides as Yakini’s mother (yākinyambāsvarūpiṇī-534). She sparkles with all colors (sarvavarṇopaśobhitā-529) and has all the attributes (sarvāyudhadharā-530). She controls the seed (śuklasaṃsthitā-531). Her faces are turned in all directions (sarvatomukhī-532), she loves all kinds of food (sarvaudanaprītacittā-533).

Finally, according to "Shrimatothara tantra", the text of the Kubjika tradition, Yakini has the head of a bear and eight hands, it is associated with the seed and resembles a bear. Together with other Yoginis she is located in Yogini-chakra (in the area of the throat). Consort of Yakini is Bhima Bhairava